Coaching and Workshops for Business Owners

Proven, practical strategies. Inspirational, like-minded business owners. First-class support network.

Accountability Club

Our round-table Accountability Club does what it says on the tin: keeps you accountable, shifts the blocks and gets things done. Simple, practical support to Make Things Happen.

Founders Club

Our round-table Founders Club is for solo business owners with ambition and commitment. Get access to business specialists, group and one-to-one coaching, and the generous support of ambitious, committed, inspirational solo business owners like you.

Business Leaders

Our round-table Business Leaders Programme gives access to business specialists, group workshops and one-to-one coaching, whether you are looking to refresh, scale or sell. Share the journey with other established, ambitious, like-minded businesses leaders.

Strategy Days

Our Strategy Days start from business reality, business goals and personal objectives. End with a practical, pragmatic and resourced plan for the future. Alone, it's hard to think strategically. An experienced facilitator helps plan for the real-life priorities for your business right now. Work one-to-one or with your team to consider all the challenges, options and possibilities. Make a practical plan. Commit to action. Follow through.

Inspire & Grow

Our Inspire and Grow Workshops accelerate your personal and professional growth as a business owner. Seeking to build your business skills? Searching for practical ideas and inspiration? How about Business Growth Mindset, Sales Skills for Non-Sales People, Networking Skills and watch this space.

Our Clients Say

"I recently attended a one-day workshop...valuable insight and information on how to work on our business as well as in our business. Several areas we could immediately implement to be more efficient, prominent, and profitable. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to grow their business."
— Tom T, Business Owner

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